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Body-SAR is defined by the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), an amount of electrical energy absorbed into body tissue of unit mass in unit time, based on the Guideline for Local Absorption. It is essentially an amount to be defined inside the human body; however, an indirect evaluation method using a dummy human body model (phantom) is extensively used in the world, since it is impossible to insert a measuring device into the human body to measure.
* As for Head-SAR the temporal region of the human body, the technical standard and the measuring method are specified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. 2006/4/28(平成18年4月28日)

  • Body-SAR
  • Body-SAR
  • Body-SAR

Items to be measured

It excludes the radio equipment used in close proximity to the human body, except the temporal region and palm, within 20 cm in "normal use" (having a radio wave emission source (e.g., antenna) close by within 20cm), which is 20 mW or less.

Frequency range

Frequency band of 30 MHz to 6GHz

Normal use

Usage specified in the instruction manual, etc. by the manufacturer of the relevant radio equipment

Applicable equipment

Mobile terminals (Pocket Wi-Fi, portable game machine, smart phone, and tablet)